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$825,000 Settlement: Illustrating Facial Fractures, Surgery After Tire Explosion

Facial Injuries and Head Trauma

$825,000 Settlement for Client who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

Three Million Dollar Settlement Obtained on behalf of Murder Victim and his Family

This is a negligent security case against a condominium board and unit owner for the wrongful death of the plaintiff’s 69 year old retired individual, who was beaten to death by his next door neighbor in an unprovoked attack. The victim sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, rendering him comatose, and died nine months later. Read More

Attorney Kolpan speaking at the Annual-Conference of the American Association for Justice.

(Attorney-Kolpan speaking at the Annual Conference of the American Association for Justice)

Attorney Kolpan speaking at the Annual Conference of the American Association for Justice. Attorney Kolpan presented on Cross Examining Defense Experts in Traumatic Brain Cases, as part of an all day seminar presented by the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group of AAJ.

(L-R, Kenneth Kolpan, Esq., Carmen Durso, Esq., Mark Itzkowitz, Esq. and Jeffrey Dion, Esq.)
L-R, Kenneth Kolpan, Esq., Carmen Durso, Esq., Mark Itzkowitz, Esq. and Jeffrey Dion, Esq.
(Attorney Kolpan and his colleagues were honored to present at an all day seminar)
Attorney Kolpan and his colleagues were honored to present at an all day seminar sponsored by the National Center for Victims of Crime, in Boston, Ma. Jeffrey Dion, Esq., Deputy Director of the Center led the seminar which which had as its keynote speaker, Joseph Crowley, a sexual abuse victim, featured in the movie, "Spotlight".

Most recently, Attorney Kolpan obtained a $1,300,000 settlement in a minor brain injury case. Here is a summary:

On December 30, 1999, a nine year child was playing on an indoor play structure when he fell thirteen feet to the floor below through an access door to the structure that was left unlocked. The young boy landed on his head and shoulder. While en route to the ER, the young boy lost consciousness and had a seven minute seizure. Upon his admission to the hospital, diagnostic films revealed that the young boy had sustained brain contusions in the right frontal area, diffuse axonal injury and bleeding in the brain from a left parietal subdural hematoma.

After his discharge from the hospital, the young boy underwent extensive neuropsychological testing which showed that he had cognitive deficits in areas of slow processing speed, poor organization; and problems with language, spelling, handwriting, phonics and processing complicated information. He underwent cognitive training and returned to school.

Attorney Kolpan retained nationally renown brain injury experts in the following areas:

  • pediatric neurology
  • cognitive therapy
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • primary and secondary education
  • neuropsychology and
  • medical and vocational economics.

Additionally, Attorney Kolpan retained a well known neuropsychologist and radiologist to conduct additional testing and perform 3-D MRI brain imaging. The neuropsychologist expert raised the specter that the minor child was at increased risk for:

  • seizures
  • depression
  • Alzheimer's Disease; and
  • early onset of dementia.

The 3-D MRI imaging showed that the young boy's brain had areas of atrophied and destroyed brain tissue.

Attorney Kolpan hired Terry Tainter of Seattle, Washington, an award winning videographer, to produce a docudrama settlement DVD which included interviews with experts and the boy's parents; and an animation of the 3-D MRI brain imaging.

The settlement DVD was part of a settlement demand package sent to each of the insurers. Though this claim was not in suit, all of the parties agreed to mediate the matter before Attorney John Fitzgerald. After a full's day's mediation, the parties agreed to settle the case for $1,300,000, which includes a lump sum payment and the present value of a structured settlement annuity.

M.D. on Bike, Car Collide in Intersection

Brain Injury

Suffolk County (Boston) Jury Gives 64 Year Old Woman $3,200,000

Personal Injury/Product Liability

$3,000,000 Brain Injury Settlement

Brain Injury

Lowell Jury awards record $2.25M in concussion suit lawsuit

Concussion Injury

Minor Brain Injury/Headaches- $1,000,000.00

Minor Brain Injury/Headaches

$1,300,000 in Traumatic Brain Injury Underinsurance Claim

Traumatic Brain Injury

Medical Malpractice Resulting in Brain Damage- $1,000,000. Settlement

Brain Damage

Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Fractures, Facial Fractures- $900,000 Settlement

Construction Incident-Ironworker

Motor Vehicle Collision, Wrongful Death, unemployed 78 year old – $750,000 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Collision, Wrongful Death

Fractured Femur, Case Settles For $725,000

Personal Injury/Premiase Liability

Medical Malpractice: Brain Injury /Wrongful Death- $600,000 Settlement

Brain Injury/Wrongful Death

Women Diagnosed with PTSD After Collision wit a Van- $500,000 Settlement

Brain Damage

Concussion From Falling Board- $500,000 Settlement

Workers' Compensation

Brain Injury/Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Collision- $500,000 Settlement

Brain Injury/Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Collision

Traumatic Pituitary Injury - $450,000 Settlement

Brain Injury

Wrongful Death of Disabled Man $225,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death-Disabled Adult

Tort, Personal Injury, Adult with Disabilities - $200,000 Settlement

Tort/Personal Injury

Concussion/Motor Vehicle Collision- $200,000 Settlement

Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle Collision

Disc Herniation in Car Accident- $180,000 settlement

Motor Vehicle Collision

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder After Auto Accident- $150,000 Award

Underinsurance/Uninsurance Arbitration
$150, 000.00

Concussion From Car Bike Collision Settled for $650,000

Motor Vehicle Collision